Reading Lists

Most of my books tend to be more management and leadership oriented than specifically technical in nature. I often find myself referring to these books and articles in conversations with anybody who shows an interest in affecting change.

I’ll update this list as I keep reading more!



  • TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-1 - United States Military Training and Doctrine 525-3-1: Multi-Domain Operations and Cross-Domain Capabilities. How does the military change its organization and command structure to adapt to rapidly changing scenarios and a highly siloed system?
  • The Ultimate Guide to Effective Data Collection - Learn how to ask the right questions to get better answers.


  • 13 Minutes to the Moon - BBC Podcast capturing the events that happened in the 13 minutes from the command module to the surface of the moon. Breaks down the history behind each communication sent between the astronauts and space command.
  • How Language Shapes the Way We Speak - Lera Boroditsky’s TED Talk. Understand how others speak and the way they think.
David Lee
Staff Site Reliability Engineer